Zonnique reveals how it feels to film reality show as parents T.I. and Tiny divorceThe rising star says the new season of 'The Family Hustle' has the "real scoop."
Jun 8, 2017

It's clear singer Zonnique is taking after her parents T.I. and Tiny with her several revenue streams, including a new EP (Love Jones) and two reality shows, VH1's The Family Hustle and WE tv's Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta.

While visiting REVOLT TV recently, Zonnique described filming the former while her mom and pop go through a high-profile divorce.

Zonnique talks Atlanta's sound, famous parents, and new music

"This new season, it's been cool," Zonnique told us about the sixth season of The Family Hustle. "It's definitely not like the other seasons beause we were all in one house filming together everyday. Now in this season, since we're in separate houses, [it is] extremely, extremely different. Still fun though when we get to see each other. Both halves of the family."

"I feel like the show is more reality this season," she added. "We're always being us and keeping it real, but now they're getting the real scoop. The good and the bad."

Real Talk | Zonnique talks T.I. & Tiny's divorce

Zonnique says that in previous seasons, "bad stuff" was left on the cutting room floor for the most part. This year, it was impossible to get around it because of T.I. and Tiny's crippling marriage.

"I feel like if they do catch it, it's us arguing or something, they'll cut it out," she said. "I feel like our show has been so family-oriented. But now that they're going through this divorce thing during the season, they still have to show us. They just have to show what are really going through. Usually they don't show the stuff like that."

Just two days ago on his Instagram page, Tip posted a picture of a message that read, "I walked away because you were too busy finding faults in me, while I was too busy overlooking yours..." He captioned it wit the words, "But It's still all love."

During episode eight of the show this season, Tiny confronted Tip about cheating on her with a woman she hired, while the King of the South accused Tiny of having a less-than-above-board relationship with Floyd Mayweather with whom he has beef with. Tiny denied ever being unfaithful to her husband. Ultimately, they agreed on an amicable split.

"I feel she grew in a different direction and I did too," Tip said during his testimonial.

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