Blac Youngsta released on bond, responds to Young Dolph on new track "Birthday""How you gonna go and shoot your own truck up and play dead for the night..."
May 19, 2017

After getting released on bond, Memphis rapper Blac Youngsta wants to world to know one thing: "I’m not guilty, I’m innocent."

Earlier this week, the 27-year-old rapper turned himself in to authorities who were investigating the attempted murder of Young Dolph. He was released on bond the same day, according to theMecklenburg County Sheriff's website. Just days after his release, the rapper shared a brand new track, titled "Birthday," which addresses the incident within several lines.

Real Talk | Blac Youngsta on his dual personalities and how he's perceived

"How you gonna go and shoot your own truck up and play dead for the night / And then press charges on me and tell the police I did that shit," he opens the song. Elsewhere in the record, the rapper name-checks Young Dolph by his government name, Adolph Thornton.

“Tell the whole world how you called around the city / Had a few niggas come and tell me you was sorry / Tell your fans the truth / Tell ’em how you really wasn’t trappin’, you wasn’t nothin’ but a barber (ho) / Tell ’em how daddy-o used to lil boy you, make you run to the store for a cigar and some water (ho) /Tell ’em how we had a show together, you ain’t come in 'cause you thought I was gon' rob you (ho),” Youngsta also raps.

In February, Dolph was in Charlotte, North Carolina on the way to perform at a show when some unknown gunmen fired around 100 shots at his SUV. However, his vehicle was bulletproof and he was left unscathed. He later commented on the incident on his April project, aptly-titled Bulletproof, via songs including "100 Shots," "But I'm Bulletproof," and "I Pray For My Enemies."

Listen to Black Youngsta's new record below.

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