Lil Wayne threatens to sue Martin Shkreli if 'Carter V' leaks continueWayne isn't pleased with Pharmabro playing songs from the long-awaited album.

Courtesy Young Money

May 18, 2017

Martin Shkreli has gotten lots of attention for letting people on the Net hear songs from Lil Wayne's mystical Carter V album - and Weezy is threatening to sue if Pharmabro keeps it up.

TMZ reports that Wayne is demanding for Shkreli to turn in his copy of the album, and that Wayne's lawyers have sent cease and desist letters to Shkreli for leaking songs online.

REVOLT News | Martin Shkreli leaks snippets of Lil Wayne's 'Tha Carter V'

Shkreli announced that he had acquired the album last year, and played music through a livestream around Christmas. Wayne decided not to sue because Shkreli said he wouldn't do it again, but in recent weeks he played two more songs, including one that featured Kendrick Lamar.

Now, according to TMZ, Wayne has threatened to sue if the pharmaceutical exec, who gained notoriety by gauging prices for drugs, if he leaks any more songs from the album.

No one wants to see Shkreli win, but hopefully fans can get the album legitimately sooner than later.

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