Kevin Gates sentenced to 30 months in jail for gun charge

Ralph Bristout

 // Apr 26, 2017

AR Press // Atlantic Records

Kevin Gates has been sentenced to serve 30 months in jail for gun possession.

According to TMZ, the rapper appeared in court today (April 26) and pled guilty to a felony gun possession stemming from a 2013 incident. Gates recently completed a sentence of six months in a Florida jail for kicking a female fan at a show back in 2015, and he has been back in jail since March 30 to face charges from the 2013 incident. He is expected to be transferred to the Illinois Department of Corrections."

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After he was re-arrested last month for the outstanding warrant based on the 2013 gun case, Gates' wife Dreka Haynes shared a message with fans asking for positive energy and prayers. "To everyone that's rooting for Kevin right, THANK YOU, but PLEASE shift your thoughts, prayers, energy, etc. towards the idea of being home and enjoying life as a free man," Haynes wrote in a post on Instagram. "Do NOT dwell on the things that have been put out by the media. Their only goal in anything is to grab/seek attention, not necessarily to release information that is FACTUAL."

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