Music Video Roundup: Jeremih, Tinashe, Young Thug, ZAYN, Kygo, A.CHAL, and Cherp


 // Apr 25, 2017

Artist // YouTube

Jeremih, "I Think of You" feat. Chris Brown and Big Sean

Jeremih - I Think Of You ft. Chris Brown, Big Sean

Marking his first video in over six years, Jeremih nabs inspiration from the '90s for his Montell Jordan-sampling track. A sunny day on the block, the three men chase and court the same woman as their boys watch from the stoop.

Tinashe, "Flame"

Tinashe - Flame

What we think is a glimpse into a happy relationship's moments of intimacy and affection soon turns sour as Tinashe decides to douse their home in alcohol and set it afire.

Young Thug, "All the Time"

Young Thug - All The Time [Official Video]
Young Thug

Thugger dances, drinks, vapes, lounges, handles snakes, and shows his stacks and fancy cars alongside a handful of women and while in a sprawling mansion.

ZAYN, "Still Got Time" feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR


Sex, drugs, and alcohol serve as the driving forces behind this wild, pretty-people-only house party, from climax to comedown.

Kygo, "It Ain't Me" feat. Selena Gomez

Kygo, Selena Gomez - It Ain't Me

Kicking off with a tragic motorcycle accident, a man is left in the hospital as his girlfriend stays bedside tending to his needs. While unconscious, he envisions himself in a forest and walking toward a light, but eventually the track brings him back to life.

A.CHAL, "To The Light"

A.CHAL - To the Light

The singer traverses a desert alone in a self-discovery journey interrupted by possible delirium.

Cherp, "Check for Me"

Cherp | Check For Me (OFFICIAL VIDEO)
real cherp

Reppin' his hometown of Elmira, NY, Cherp circles right back around for this video. A status check that's representative of the growth in his music career, plus a shout to the world that his price has gone up.

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