Diddy praises "DAMN:" "Kendrick Lamar is baring his soul on this album"

William E. Ketchum III

 // Apr 16, 2017

Pace Bowden // REVOLT

REVOLT Chairman Sean "Diddy" Combs knows a thing or two about timeless music, and he took time out to give kudos to Kendrick Lamar for his new album DAMN.

In posts to his Instagram story, Diddy vibes out to songs like "BLOOD," "FEAR," and "FEEL," while announcing the album as "Diddy-approved."

"Kendrick is baring his soul on this album. I don't want to hear nobody's shit that's not telling the truth or baring their soul," he said. "If you ain't telling the truth baring your soul, don't make no rap records, don't make no R&B records, don't even get on the mothafuckin' mic unless you're ready to bare your soul or tell the truth, man."

Diddy then speaks about the great start to music in this new year, giving props to Drake and Rick Ross for their latest albums More Life and Rather You Than Me.

"Now this? I'm going to have a beautiful week," Diddy said. "I just love dope shit. I love greatness. I applaud it."

Tune in at 1 a.m. PST today to see Diddy and friends perform at the REVOLT House, and watch Diddy's reaction to Kendrick Lamar's DAMN. below.

P Diddy reacts to Kendrick Lamar's new album: "been waiting for years to hear something like this!"
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