REVOLT IQ | How much do you really know about Beyoncé's albums?

niki m.

 // Apr 6, 2017

Sorry, Jay Z, but no one loves Beyoncé quite like the Beyhive.

Since coming down out that H-town, Queen Bey’s fiercely loyal fan club has swelled into an undeniable force. Investigating her every sneeze, the all-knowing Hive stans for each minute detail about the baddest woman in the game, including her studio LPs.

With over 17 million album sales sold (minus those Destiny’s Child numbers on the board), Beyoncé has created bodies of work that resonate across music genres. From pop to country, Yoncé’s massive presence in music means even the most casual fan probably knows a thing or two about her work.

REVOLT Nation, how much do you really know about Beyoncé albums? Test your knowledge and Beyhive loyalty below.

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