Music Video Roundup: Travis Scott x Kendrick Lamar, R.LUM.R, and will.i.am


 // Apr 3, 2017

Artist // Twitter

Travis Scott, "goosebumps" feat. Kendrick Lamar

A psychedelic trip to the underworld, Travis first appears as a flaming skeleton, but earns his phoenix-like wings at the end. In between though, there are snakes, dogs, pole dancers, masked gunmen, and fire. Watch it exclusively on Apple Music for now.

R.LUM.R, "Frustrated"

Revisiting a break-up his younger self experienced, R.LUM.R watches over the former couple but goes unnoticed like a ghost.

will.i.am, "Fiyah" feat. India Love

will.i.am - FIYAH ft. India Love

Filmed on the set of Coronation Street, Britain's longest-running soap, will.i.am enters a bar where a group of synchronized dancers, dressed in matching outfits of bowler hats and suspenders, can't seem to pull themselves away from their cellphones.

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