Joey Bada$$ sued for $1.5 million for shoving Trump impersonator


 // Mar 21, 2017


Just a few days after announcing his second album, sharing the visuals for its lead single ("Land of the Free"), and revealing the LP's featured guests, Joey Bada$$ has hit a snag.

According to TMZ, the rapper is being sued by a Donald Trump impersonator who he shoved off a stage last September at a concert for MTV's Wonderland.

Phillip Wilburn, who has also appeared in-character on Conan and Jimmy Kimmel Live!, says he incurred $1,000 in medical expenses after the fall and that the total could increase to $25,000 if he needs surgery. Wilburn is also claiming he could lose up to $50,000 in profits due to his injuries.

During the performance, a Hillary Clinton impersonator can also be seen on stage with Joey who gives Wilburn a playful middle finger before pushing him into the crowd.

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Since the event, Wilburn has tweeted on at least two occasions about the incident and his injuries.

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