Music Video Roundup: Jorja Smith, THEY., and Steve Aoki


 // Mar 9, 2017

Artist // YouTube

Jorja Smith, "Beautiful Little Fools"

Jorja Smith - Beautiful Little Fools

Released to mark International Women's Day, Smith plays three different characters, a high-class bar patron, a waitress, and lounge singer--all seemingly and equally unimpressed with the lives they each lead. The track's title was inspired by a passage from The Great Gatsby in which a character encourages her daughter to be the titular phrase; a phrase Jorja took issue with. So, with this, she laments the restrictions that society and established social constructs place upon women.

THEY., "What You Want"

THEY. "What You Want" [Official Music Video]

The Hyenas are loose! Following up last night's sold-out kick-off to their headlining tour in Seattle, THEY., released the second visuals from their debut album Nu Religion: Hyena. If you're anywhere close to being a cartoon fanatic, you'll instantly get the Hanna-Barbera visual references. "We wanted to do a video that has a funhouse vibe to it…glad we were able to recreate those signature doorway scenes with some dope video trick," said Drew and Dante. Reminiscent of a classic Scooby-Doo episode with the gang running down halls and in and out of doors, this video is a definite visual success. (Directed by Psycho Films)

Steve Aoki, "Just Hold On" feat. Louis Tomlinson

Steve Aoki & Louis Tomlinson - Just Hold On (Official Video)
Ultra Music

Following a love-at-first-sight romance, a man and woman meet at a bus stop, run the city streets together, and kiss on a rooftop before they're entranced by a glowing door that transports them to Las Vegas where they hit, naturally, a casino, Steve Aoki concert, and wedding chapel. See if they go through with it.

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