Nas on upcoming biopic: "Street Dreams will touch it all"

Ralph Bristout

 // Feb 1, 2017

Mark Nguyen // Combs Enterprises

With the announcement of his upcoming biopic with BET, Nas took to Instagram to express excitement and also promise a must-see.

"I am so humbled by the opportunity BET has given me to share my story with the world. The early ‘90s in Queens, New York: It was the best of times, the worst of times and the realest of times for me and my peoples," he shared. "From artists like Eric B, B.I.G., Roxanne Shante, to Producers like Rapper Large Professor and Premo to places like The Bridge to quarter waters to Jesus pieces, Street Dreams will touch it all."

As announced earlier today (February 1), the upcoming pilot, titled "Street Dreams," was ordered by BET and is set to "tracks the ascent of Nas... as he evolves from young man to crack dealer to rapper to adult."

As plans are in place for the miniseries, Esco also announced plans for casting a younger version of himself. "We are looking for me—as in, we are looking to cast a talented actor who can play the 16 year old me. Is that YOU? I need someone who has what it takes to hold my projects down."

The deal for BET to get this miniseries up and running is still being finalized but looks to be promising.

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