New York Governor Andrew Cuomo proposes free tuition for state colleges

Christopher Hunter

 // Jan 4, 2017

Governor Andrew Cuomo decided to put a little hope into the hearts of young New York students, and he did it in a humongous way. He pledged to cover tuition costs to New York state colleges for thousands of middle and lower-class families.

Cuomo’s proposal would extend to students who have been accepted into a city or state university in New York, including two-year colleges. One main factor of eligibility would be to prove income earnings of $125,000 or less a year.

Cuomo presented this plan alongside Sen. Bernie Sanders at Laguardia Community College on Tuesday (January 3). Sanders ran for president in 2016 with similar proposals to ease the crippling student debt. Cuomo stated that the average college student graduates at least $30,00 in debt, and Sander said he believes that if New York approves this proposal, other states will follow.

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