Kareem "Biggs" Burke speaks to REVOLT about Jay Z and Kanye's relationship

Joed Esperance

 // Nov 21, 2016

So this just in: Kanye West STILL hasn’t gotten his phone call from Jay Z. With the type of outburst let out on Saturday's Saint Pablo Tour stop, we wonder if Kanye will ever get hit up by Hov. Yeezy went on yet another tangent in Sacramento, in which he slammed hip-hop’s beloved First Couple, Beyoncé & Jay Z. After arriving 90 minutes late he chose to dedicate the majority of his night going at corporations and close friends before cutting his show short.

Real Talk | Kareem "Biggs" Burke on Kanye West

West said during his rant, “I am putting my career, my life, my public well-standing at risk when I talk to y’all like this. This is a moment in the matrix, bro."

REVOLT had a chance to sit down with Roc-A-Fella Records Co-Founder Kareem “Biggs” Burke, a few weeks prior. The executive producer of Kanye West’s first album, College Dropout, commented on how he felt about Kanye’s rant in October when he said there will never be a Watch the Throne 2 because of Jay Z, and oddly enough, what Biggs says echoes how most fans feel: We “miss the old Kanye.”

Biggs told REVOLT that he is responsible for "All Falls Down" being released before "Jesus Walks," a pivotal step in the rollout of College Dropout. "All Falls Down" stands as one of Roc-A-Fella’s most successful singles.

In our interview above, he also says that he could be hurt over the fact that Kanye leaves his name out and praises Jay Z alone for his place in today's culture.

"I remember at the actual show when he talked about Tidal and he talked about Jay, he was like, 'That's my big brother; nothing could've happened without Jay.' If anything I could have felt a way 'cause he didn't mention my name."

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