Amrit Singh

 // Nov 2, 2016

"When someone you love is in prison, you're in prison as well." This is a cutting bit of reality we hear from Miquelle West, whose mother is serving two life sentences plus 50 years for drug-related crimes and for aiding and abetting a murder she herself did not commit. It's the sort of mandatory-minimum sentence that's drawn attention from the criminal justice reformers of late.

#FREEMICHELLEWEST is a REVOLT TV original documentary telling the story of this mother and daughter who have maintained a relationship closer than most despite being separated by prison bars. We join Miquelle on the eve of a fateful trip to Washington, D.C., as an official guest of the White House, to bring light to her mother's case. We see that Miquelle's achievements as a Hollywood fashion stylist have not only broken the cycle of incarceration that often befalls children in her situation, but have allowed her creative means to campaign for a commutation of her mother's sentence, using her work, her hashtag, and her Instagram to raise awareness.

This comes at a time when President Obama has commuted a record number of sentences for prisoners in similar situations, a reflection of the fact that our president understands the overcrowding of our prisons, and the implicit bias that has often underscored these people's sentences. And while the numbers quantifying the criminal justice system are staggering — our country imprisons over 2.2 million people, themost per capita in the world, a disproportionate number of whom are African-American and Latino — the issue becomes personal when it affects your family. Allow Miquelle's story to shine more light on the issue for you.

#FREEMICHELLEWEST is the story of a daughter's quest for her mother's clemency. You can watch it here.

#FREEMICHELLEWEST: A Daughter's Quest For Her Mother's Clemency (full)
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