Lyricists Love Pablo: The top 10 rap song references to the Colombian kingpin


 // Sep 15, 2016

With the second season of Netflix's hit show Narcos now dropped and digested, we've begun to recall all the songs over the years that have given nod to the infamous Colombian drug kingpin.

Here are the lyrics about his lifestyle we'll never forget:

Nas, "Got Yourself A Gun"

"I'm the N, the A, to the S-I-R / And If I wasn't, I must've been Escobar"

Jay Z, "Super Ugly"

"Listen, I'm the J, the A, to the f—k this broad / This nigga never sold Aspirin, how you Escobar?"

Super Ugly
Jay Z

Kanye West, "Feedback"

"Pablo bought a Roley and a rottweiler / Seem like the more fame, I only got wilder / Hands up, we just doing what the cops taught us"

Kanye West

Rick Ross, "Hustlin'"

"I know Pablo, Noriega / The real Noriega / he owe me a hundred favors"

Rick Ross - Hustlin'

Capone-N-Noreaga, "Ya'll Don't Wanna"

"Since a young one, I love heaven and love hell / Escobar style, I'll build my own jail"

Y'all Don't Wanna

Big Punisher, "I'm Not a Player"

"Bitches already know the repertoire / Step in my car, let's start the menage-a-trois like Escobar"

I'm Not A Player
Big Punisher

Lil Wayne, "Hot Nigga"

"Momma jumped out a plane, I was air-borne / Gold watches, gold chains; watch for Leprechauns / Favorite subject was PE, Pablo Escobar / Kill him when he least expect it, at a restaurant / Throw him with the rest of 'em, in a reservoir"

Hot Nigga (Remix)
Lil Wayne

Wu-Tang Clan, "Protect Ya Neck"

"I give an order to my peeps across the water / To go and snatch up props all around the border / And get far like a shooting star / Cause who I are / is living the life of Pablo Escobar"—Ghostface Killah

Wu-Tang Clan - Protect Ya Neck

DJ Khaled, "Nas Album Done"

"Last time I checked I was still breathin' / My neck was still freezin' / Now everybody got an Escobar Season"—Nas

DJ Khaled - Nas Album Done ft. Nas

The Game, "El Chapo"

"Don't try me, DeJ Loaf with the AK / 600 million, 400 million from Dre Day, uh / Pablo Escobar in my hey-day, uh / Bringing off coke that's a payday, uh / On a private jet that's a mayday, uh / In South America on a vacay, uh"

The Game & Skrillex - “El Chapo”
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