You need to see Teyana Taylor as a naked golden goddess in her "Champions" video


 // Sep 6, 2016

Artist // YouTube

While all eyes were still on Teyana Taylor--you know, right around the time she made our jaws drop with her appearance in Kanye West's "Fade" video--she started sharing images on Instagram of her unfairly fit naked body adorned in glowing gold. #StayTuned, she said.

Well, we've impatiently been waiting and today (September 6), we got the gift: the video for her "Champions" freestyle.

Created entirely with photographs shot by Sasha Samsonova, the stop-motion visual sees Taylor dancing with nothing but her bits covered in gold foil, gold chains, gold guns, a gold wig. And a ski mask.

She's on the defense as she delivers lyrics about being the ultimate ride-or-die girl: "He said pray for him / get these bitches out the way for him / first lady go cray for him / so I loaded up the AK for him..."

So here are 6 gifs to prepare you for the slay.

"I been getting money / where the hell you been now?"

"50 golden trophies / Oh, this bitch a champion."

"Champions / we run this city / number one / they fallin' from the top / round and round we go."

Watch "Champions" below.

Teyana Taylor - Champions freestyle
Teyana Taylor
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