Donald Trump isn't going to like YG's upcoming fall tour

Ralph Bristout

 // Aug 16, 2016


With election season underway, YG couldn't have picked a better time for his ultimate political statement. Starting next month, the "Still Brazy" rapper will hit the road for his nationwide trek, fittingly dubbed the Fuck Donald Trump Tour.

Kicking off September 18 in San Diego through December 4 in Arizona, YG will be joined by Kamaiyah, RJ and Sad Boy. In addition to the new tour, the Compton rapper continued his political statement through release of his new "FDT Part 2" video, which features Macklemore and G-Eazy.

YG feat G-Eazy & Macklemore "FDT (Fuck Donald Trump) Part 2"

Check out the dates for YG's upcoming fall tour below.

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