#REVOLTCrowdSource Presents Brianna Alysse: Passion Meets Law of Attraction

Dev T. Smith

 // Aug 15, 2016

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When is the last time you truly appreciated a photo? Technology and social media have both played a role in turning us into photographers in our own right. We don't attend an event or enjoy the company of friends without whipping out our phones to take a pic, eager to post it on Instagram along with our favorite lyrics serving as the caption to end all captions. Don't forget the filter! It's a gift and a curse if you ask me.

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On one hand, it's so dope that we're able to express ourselves creatively and share our lives as one big dysfunctional internet family. On the other hand, I think we're running the risk of underappreciating an art form that was once held at such a high regard. Photographers are gifts to us all. They are more than men or women holding the camera. They are moment capturers who freeze images in time for us to consume whenever and however fits us, forever. There's real power in that ability. I started the #REVOLTcrowdsource campaign in an effort to bring appreciation back to the artists who push culture forward because of the inspiration they've found in music: photographers, videographers, painters and the list goes on.

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Today, we put the spotlight on an up and coming photographer who has a soulful connection to her work. It's not about the social media following, and it's not about taking pictures of famous artists. It's about a childhood curiosity that led to an overwhelming passion to get the right shot. Brianna Alysse is a photographer and videographer based out of Los Angeles, California. At 22 years old, the gifted shooter jumped into her career as naturally as anyone who's meant for their craft.

Brianna Alyyse

"This is my all-time fave photo shoot I've ever done. So many things went wrong this day. My car broke down. The stylist bailed last min, but I had the entire vision of how I wanted the photos to turn out. I was so bummed. I didn't think the photos were going to come out cool at all, so I became a stylist that day. I went to Goodwill and Zara to get the clothes, and when we shot the photos they came out exactly how I wanted them to be."

During her sophomore year of high school, her neighbor began taking pictures for money. Simply enough, Brianna decided she'd like to pick up the craft as well. After all, her dad already had a camera so all she had to do was pick it up and run with it. The rest is history as they say; she's been sharp shooting ever since. When asked why she fell in love with photography her answer was simple and genuine.

"It's super tight to have a vision in your head and make it come to life."

Brianna Alysse

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A statement any creative can identify with, Brianna's joy comes from bringing an idea to fruition. That's the juice, when you see a finished product in your head and go through whatever is necessary to bring it to life. To that point, doing whatever's necessary is an understatement. There's a gritty side to photography none of us ever sees when looking at a photo. Laughingly, Brianna reminisced on hopping fences, sneaking onto private properties and cutting through barbed wire to get the shots she wanted.

"In-studio shots are easy, but I don't like those. I usually book shoots the day of, scout a location and make it happen."

"This photo shoot was super fun and spontaneous. I love Quincy's energy. He was just so down to go wherever. We had a planned shoot but his stylist brought one extra look and I didn't have any other spots (I don't like shooting different looks at the same location) so we drove around, found some mountains and did a photo shoot."

In the beginning, Brianna started off shooting portraits, but a chance meeting with Oakland songstress Kehlani got her to make the switch to shooting lifestyle and concert photography. Since then she's had the opportunity to join the rising star on tour, which has provided a wealth of experience. Like any go-getter, Brianna has no interest in placing a ceiling on her abilities. She wants to run with the big dogs and shoot magazine covers, movie covers, billboards and more.

Brianna is a testament to the law of attraction. She quit her job at Wet Seal, left school and moved to L.A. to pursue her passion and it's paying back in ways she only dreamt of. We can't wait to see what more she has in store.

Brianna Alysse

"This photo will always be a favorite of mine. This photo is from BTS of 'You Should Be Here' music video. I just love how the picture was captured so great, like her posture. She was actually shooting the video when i took this photo."

Do your eyes a favor and head over to Brianna Alysse's Instagram and don't forget to check her out on our #REVOLTCrowdsource campaign over at the REVOLT TV Instagram!

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