Young Thug sets August release for 'Jeffery'

Ralph Bristout

 // Aug 3, 2016

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UPDATE: Jeffery arrives with Jeffery on August 26. See the trailer below.


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Like the energizer bunny, Young Thug keeps the releases going and going and... you get the point.

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Following up his two outputs this year, I'm Up and Slime Season 3, Thugger plans to release a third project, Jeffery, later this month. And by "later this month," circle in August 16. Taking to Instagram, the "Gangster Sh*t" rapper revealed a release date for Jeffery, which is just one of many projects in this chamber of upcoming releases. There is still no word on I Came From Nothing 4, his debut album Hy!£UN35 and the long-awaited Metro Thuggin'.


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