Joanne the Scammer is the hero the world deserves right now

Driadonna Roland

 // Jul 19, 2016

We're living in an age where scamming is rampant, from Taylor Swift lying on Kanye, to Melania Trump plagiarizing speeches from the First Lady. That's why the time is perfect for Joanne the Scammer. With all due respect, no one can spot a scam like Joanne.

Joanne the Scammer is at the root of every mess you can think of. Why? Because, as she likes to tell you, she's a shady b*tch. Just scroll through Joanne's feeds on Twitter and Instagram, and you'll see that whenever a good scam is going down, Joanne the Scammer is on the scene.

She showed Drake the Views:

These are the real lyrics to "Panda":

She was the one on the phone with Kanye:

Taylor, you messy bitch.

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She also wrote Melania's speech:

Joanne caused the "Brexit":

Lemonade was about Joanne. She set Rachel Roy up:

Okay.. I admit it.. I'm Becky with the good hair.. You guys can stop searching now..

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She is the 10th Kardashian:

Joanne misses no social craze:

Walking around the streets of Florida this morning looking for men like Pokemon.

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She is the franchise:

Because it takes a scammer to know one:

vital information for your everyday life..

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