Kanye West shares touching birthday message to late mother


 // Jul 13, 2016

Artist // Twitter

Yesterday (July 12) would have been Kanye West's mother's 67th birthday and today the rapper honored her on Twitter with one hell of a heart-wrenching tweet.

Talking about his daughter North, who was born six years after Donda West's death, Kanye wrote: "Nori asked if the airplane could take her to heaven to see you for your birthday. I love you mom."

He also shared a dated picture of himself and his mother.

This isn't the first time 'Ye has paid tribute to her. His 2005 Late Registration album cut "Hey Mama" honors her, as does 2014's "Only One," which was written from his mother's perspective, sung to young Nori. An upcoming video game of the same name documents his mother's journey into heaven, and 'Ye named his creative content company after her, as well.

Also, who could forget when he used Twitter to say "hi" to her on Mother's Day years ago?

Donda died on November 10, 2007 of heart disease while suffering "multiple post-operative factors" after plastic surgery.

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