He returns: Frank Ocean stars in new Calvin Klein campaign


 // Jul 6, 2016

Calvin Klein // YouTube

Frank Ocean has come out of hiding; not for reasons pertaining to music, but we'll take what we can get. Despite the public pleading from him to drop his Boys Don't Cry album, or to at least give a hint as to when we can expect it, Ocean has set his sights on a different project: posing for Calvin Klein.

In a promotional video for the brand's Fall 2016 campaign, an everyday Ocean hits the stage of a talk show before the camera scrambles and places him, suited up and barefoot, inside a lonely living room. He defies gravity and cuddles with a Marilyn Monroe lookalike and we don't know what any of it means but, in the clip, he's at least talking about his love for music and that'll have to suffice.

"If you start to have it and you keep it up for, like, four or five weeks and then you stop, you feel like you're missing something in your day: that's what music is for me. It feels like a necessary act."

He even shares a lyric. New song alert?

"It takes a mind to worry/ a conscience to feel ashamed/ but there's no place to hide out here/ these skies are filled with planes."

And touches on the idea of fantasy, too.

"You just sort of, like, romanticize something that's in the past, which is fantasy because it's not exactly how it went down. Fantasy plays, like, the role of, uh, almost like a supplement. You draw on fantasy to make things hyper-real, I guess. Saturate the colors."

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I Frank Ocean in #mycalvins – Calvin Klein Fall 2016 Global Campaign
Calvin Klein

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