Tip speaks on Iggy Azalea comeback challenge, credibility

Jordan Diaz

 // Jun 30, 2016

Alex Mateo // The Photo Access/The World/Corbis

The King of the South, Tip, has been the focus of a few controversial headlines as of late. Most notably, his daughter, Zonnique Pullins, was arrested at the Atlanta airport for having a handgun in her carry-on luggage (although she has a permit) and the deadly shooting at his Irving Plaza concert in NYC last month that resulted in the death Troy Ave's bodyguard. But after multiple reminders from multiple publicists, those topics were vehemently off limits in our discourse with the rap mogul.

Located on a TV and film production lot inside a bare studio warehouse in Los Angeles, Mr. Harris, face painted with a stern manner and forced grins, conducted a day-long promotional run of media interviews for the new season of his family's VH1 reality show, T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle. REVOLT spoke with Tip to get his thoughts on the rapid rise and fall of his former artist Iggy Azalea and maintaining street credibility in trap music after over a decade of fame and surreality.

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Today In News | Tip on the rise and falloff of Iggy Azalea
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