REVOLT Premiere: Jessica "Jypsy" White's Debut Single, "Bipolar Love"

Driadonna Roland

 // Jun 21, 2016

Supermodel Jessica White is spreading her Victoria's Secret Angel wings. Her first single, "Bipolar Love," premieres today (June 21), exclusively on REVOLT!

Jypsy wrote and produced "Bipolar Love" herself. The guitar-driven single details a back-and-forth relationship, filled with obstacles, but one she feels is worth fighting for. "Did you know you're my bipolar love? You're just enough. You're just enough," she sings.

White has been breaking ground in the modeling game for more than 15 years, but struggled to transition to music, which she says is her first love. It's a little-known fact that she is the daughter of a pastor, and even sang in a church-driven girl group when she was younger. A tough breakup in 2010 marked a turning point, and she's been quietly working on unveiling Jypsy ever since.

"Bipolar Love" is Jypsy's first single, with more to come. Listen to the emotional song here:

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