Bibi Bourelly Credits Her Success To Failure


 // May 31, 2016

Ryan Jay // Def Jam Recordings

Ooh wee, Bibi Bourelly's got something to say.

The rising singer/songwriter naturally got quite a few head turns thanks to her writing credit on Rihanna's "Bitch Better Have My Money" and a hefty guest spot alongside Nas on Usher's "Chains." But if you didn't know that one heck of a failing grade could have given Bourelly a firestart needed, then let us be the vessel in which to deliver said tale.

Hot off her new Free the Real EP (and just prior to a new video featuring Def Jam-fam Earl St. Clair), Bibi spoke about in what manner she attributes her success.

Hint: it wasn't sudden and it might have had something to do with failing 7th grade math. Thank the heavens for Mr. Abuwaji.

Interview | Bibi Bourelly
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