Spotlight on REVOLT: Coco Mamba "Humble Yourself"

Spotlight on REVOLT

 // May 9, 2016


Bio: Coco Mamba is creative talent based in Brooklyn, New York. She was, however, originally born in Frankfurt, Germany to an active military family. Despite the fact that her family moved to different parts of the United States throughout her childhood, she actually considers Virginia to be her home state.

Much like her various travels, she also wears many hats: singer, songwriter, filmmaker and activist.

In 2013 she started a career in documentary filmmaking with a DIY web series titled "Hour by Hour." She continues to do work in film, but is now also expressing her thoughts and emotions through a musical medium. Coco Mamba's lyrics speak directly to her life experiences. This ranges from the social and political issues surrounding Blackness, growing up in the digital and social media age, feminism and the usual stories of love and heartbreak.

SoundCloud: www.soundcloud.com/cocomamba

Spotlight | Coco Mamba: "Humble Yourself"

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