Alicia Keys Hits 'SNL' With New Music

Ralph Bristout

 // May 8, 2016

Alicia Keys unofficially kicked off the summer this past week by debuting her new, smoldering single, "In Common." Days after its release, Keys brought the new vibes to life on Saturday Night Live, where she performed the island-tinged jam for the first time, along with another brand new single "Hallelujah."

"Hallelujah, I've been praying but I'm paying for my sins," she sings on the latter record. While "In Common" is infectious enough to bring you to the dance floor, "Hallelujah" meanwhile peels back some emotions as an audible soul cleanser. Keys' soaring vocals beams out emotive lines like "Won't you give me a sign, before I lose my mind."

All in all, Alicia Keys came to Studio 8H and took fans, listeners, and viewers on an emotion roller coaster. One can imagine what she has in store for her forthcoming album, which is set to arrive this summer.

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