Here Are The 15 Songs Sampled On Drake's 'Views'

Ralph Bristout

 // Apr 29, 2016


Drake's latest album Views is here and it's a jumbled collection of sounds, interpolations, and samples. Of the 20 songs, Drizzy plucked about 15 samples and interpretations that range from Beenie Man and Brandy to Ray J, DMX, and Popcaan. Here's a list of all those featured sounds.

Mavado ft. Serani "Dying" (2007)

Mavado ft Serani - Dying

On "9," besides flipping the "six to a nine now," Drake and 40 add in a sped up sample of Mavado's "Dying" hook from his 2007 collaboration with Serani. The soundbite can be heard during the first half of the album, specifically the 1:36 mark. According to 40, the song also references a song from the 90s group Ideal, called "Get Gone."


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DMX’s “How’s It Goin’ Down” (1998); “What These Bitches Want” (1999)

DMX - How's It Goin' Down

Opening up with a quick reference to DMX's 1999 hit "What These Bitches Want," Drake's "U With Me?" also flips the Yonkers rapper's 1998 single "How's It Goin' Down" for the hook.

Malcolm McLaren’s “World’s Famous”(1983)

Malcolm McLaren - World´s Famous

"World's, World's Famous..." It's the famous drop that keeps appearing on songs here and there. The "World's Famous" drop gets a placement throughout Drake's "Feel No Ways."

Mary J. Blige’s “Mary’s Joint” (1994)


As one of the most obvious interpolations on the album, Drake and 40 lift Mary J. Blige's My Life standout "Mary's Joint" for "Weston Road Flows."

Jay Z ft. Pimp C "Tom Ford (Remix)" (2013)

Hov had it first.

Beenie Man’s “Tear Off Mi Garment” (1995)

Tear Off Mi Garment
Beenie Man - Topic

Where Popcaan originally appeared on the leaked version, the since updated version of Drake's "Controlla" now includes a sample of Beenie Man's "Tear Off Mi Garment."

DJ Paleface ft. Kyla “Do You Mind (Crazy Cousins Remix)” (2008)

Paleface Ft. Kyla - Do You Mind (Crazy Cousinz Remix)
Club Furies

One of the most well-known samples on the album, "One Dance" includes Kyla and DJ Paleface's 2008 number.

Popcaan’s “Love Yuh Bad” (2014)

Popcaan "Love Yuh Bad" OFFICIAL VIDEO (Produced by Dre Skull)

While Popcaan doesn't appear on "Controlla" like many believed, he does get a look on "Too Good." The song features a reference to Popcaan's 2014 track "Love Yuh Bad." The song is sampled throughout "Too Good."

Ha-Sizzle’s “Like A Soldier” (2010)

This bounce record appears at the 2:01 and 3:26 marks on Drake's "Child's Play."

Ray J's "One Wish" (2005)


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Yes, that's Ray J with his 2005 hit "One Wish." The song lands a placement on Drake's "Redemption."

Brandy’s “I Dedicate, Pt. 2” (1994)

Brandy - I Dedicate(Pt.2) + Lyrics

"This song's for you..."

Brandy's lovely ballad, "I Dedicate, Pt. 2," is sampled on "Fire & Desire."

The Winans’ “The Question” (1981)

The Winans Question Is

For his strongest statement on the album, Drake lifts The Winans' 1981 gospel song "The Question" for the Views title track.

Timmy Thomas’ “Why Can’t We Live Together” (1972)

Timmy Thomas - Why can't we live together
Trip Hop Universe

The opener (specifically 00:00 - 0:13) of Timmy Thomas' "Why Can't We Live Together" lives throughout "Hotline Bling," the bonus track on Views.

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