AACA Clothing Line Relaunching For 25th Anniversary

Revolt Staff

 // Apr 16, 2016


In the early '90s, hip-hop honed its message of being politically minded as rappers targeted topics ranging from apartheid to Reaganomics. Their words were potent and their threads, from African medallions to HBCU-branded, were inspiring. The latter part was especially influential as MC's ranging from Biggie to 2Pac donned hoodies representing colleges such as Howard University and Grambling State.

Coincidentally, the brand that started it all, African American College Alliance (AACA), is relaunching during a time when Kendrick Lamar is hoping we're "Alright" and J.Cole can "Apparently" only hope the same. In honor of AACA's 25th anniversary the brand has a Kickstarter campaign going to help bring the line back to consumers. For more information and to view a moving tribute click, here.

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