Hudson Mohawke Claims Kanye & Drake Are In Debt With Him Over Unpaid Beats

Shante' Merida

 // Mar 14, 2016

Warp // Warp Records

No one works for free, especially when you’ve paid your dues as one of the biggest electronic producers in the industry. So the fact that Hudson Mohawke is alleging that superstar rappers Kanye West and Drake have not settled his tab for several beats, comes as quite the surprise.

Becoming the latest musician to air grievances on Twitter, HudMo wrote,"literally about to to release a zip of Kanye and Drake songs I've done that I got 0 for." But before he went through with the leak, his “wonderful friends n family” talked him out of it, urging that it was not a good move in his career.

Mohawke is credited for several tracks and placements on The Life Of Pablo, as he also worked on the beat for Drake’s “Connect,” from Nothing Was The Same. Kanye nor Drake’s camps have yet to comment, but our bet is a Ye’ rant to counteract the claims, will drop in just a matter of time.

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