'Empire' Actor Jussie Smollett: Michigan Gov. Doesn't Care About Black People

Amber Mackie

 // Mar 5, 2016

Cheriss May // NurPhot

Singer and actor Jussie Smollett was one of many artists that showed up to support #JusticeForFlint last weekend. Not only did he grace the stage with musical sensation, Estelle, but he also spoke passionately about the harsh realities of the Flint water crisis, and he held no punches.

“Governor Schneider and the government of Michigan do not care about black people, they do not care about people of color, they do not care about economically disadvantaged people; therefore they sure don’t care about disadvantaged people of color,” Smollett told REVOLT.

He also went on to stress the importance of voting and being registered to vote so people have the power to make a difference.

#JusticeForFlint raised $145,000.

Check out the interview below and if you missed #JusticeForFlint, click here to watch.

Real Talk | Jussie Smollett on harsh realities of Flint water crisis
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