Police In Tampa Refuse To Work Beyoncé Concert?

Jayson Rodriguez

 // Feb 18, 2016

Brock Miller // Splash News/Corbis

According to a local report in Tampa, Florida, police are protesting Beyoncé's "Formation" song by refusing to work an upcoming concert at Raymond James Stadium.

Authorities provide security at concerts, often on a volunteer basis and for additional income, however, per Fox 13, no officers have offered to work this event.

Beyonce's "Formation" music video has drawn criticism as "anti-police" for it's call to "stop killing us" and its visual nods to the Black Panthers. Supporters of Bey instead point out that "Formation" is a piece of art that is "encouraging some of us black women to love on ourselves, exactly asa we are, just a little bit more," as a Black Lives matter co-founder wrote.

Earlier this week, an individual planned a protest against Beyoncé (as a troll move) in front of the NFL headquarters and it drew two supporters and a gaggle of media.

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