Adele Shares Adorable “When We Were Young” Single Artwork

Shante' Merida

 // Feb 5, 2016

Xavier Dolan // Believe Media/Sons of Manual/Metafilms

When Adele was young, she was (unsurprisingly) completely adorable.

So it’s brilliantly fitting, that she use a childhood picture of herself as the cover art for her new single “When We Were Young,” which was released today.

The photo shows a young Adele with a huge, nearly toothless smile, and it’s pretty evident the powerhouse singer was full of whit and charm well before she decided to serenade the world.

A photo posted by @adele on

The song, which was co-wrote with Tobia Jesso Jr., appears on her latest triumph record 25. And now, three months after we’ve gotten used to the idea od letting someone else have a shot at the Billboard charts, Adele is back to shake it all up...again.

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