Kanye’s Miley Cyrus-Featured “Black Skinhead” Remake Hits Online

Ralph Bristout

 // Jan 21, 2016

Adrien Vargas // REVOLT

On the Yeezus standout “Black Skinhead,” Kanye West sounded like a possessed MC, pummeling his bare fists into a glass wall. Heck, it also helps that he raps the words, “They say I’m possessed, it’s an omen” in the song’s hook. As dark and manic of a record it was, it appears that Ye might have been looking to brush the record with a few breezy strokes on the rumored Miley Cyrus-assisted remix.

Originally a speculation stirred by a Page Six report back in 2013, the unlikely duo hit studio together following the Grammy Awards to record the remake, which hadn’t seen the light of day — that is until today.

Deconstructing the hard-edged original, Kanye and Miley flip Tears for Fear’s timeless “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” over bubbly trap hi hats and Travis Scott’s robo-croons for a (surprisingly) mesmerizing listen. It’s clearly unfinished, but the record arrived online late last night via several forums and blogs.

With G.O.O.D. Friday just 24 hours away, it’s a safe guess that this could have been the latest entry.

Listen to the remix, here.

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