King Louie: "I Was Finna Give Up For A While..."

Jayson Rodriguez

 // Dec 29, 2015

Emmanuel Camacho // REVOLT

Last week, in the days leading up to Christmas, King Louie suffered a deep tragedy when the Chicago rapper was struck by a bullet in the head after he was targeted in a shooting.

The news spread, quick and fast, first locally and then on social media, rocketing to the top trending item on Twitter. Just as fast as it was announced he was shot, his manager seemed to confirm that he was in stable condition and an image on Instagram showed Louie and Minister Louis Farrakhan in the hospital.

But, in an interview with REVOLT, the rapper explained he felt close to death.

"I just felt the shots hit me, it didn't hurt or nothing, I just felt them," Louie said.

"And after one hit me in my ear, I was like, Damn, I'm hit in my head. I was finna give up for a while. But everyone, my family and friends, flashed, and I thought about how many people I would hurt if I were to give up and don't fight."

As a result of the shooting, King Louie has a broken rib, two bullets lodged in his chest and a bullet in his head.

"But I'm still here, though," he said.

Watch our extended sit-down with King Louie below.

Real Talk | King Louie on being shot and almost giving up

Interview by Corey Colvin.

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