Bill Cosby Countersues Sexual Assault Accusers

Jayson Rodriguez

 // Dec 14, 2015

Bill Cosby is striking back at accusers who have come out and labeled the legendary comedian a sexual predator.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cosby is countersuing several woman for defamation and over interfering with deals he signed with NBC and Netflix, respectively.

The lawsuit was filed today (December 14) and in it Cosby contends a group of women have bounded together to damage his "honorable legacy and reputation."

Many of the woman who are currently in litigation with Cosby have filed complaints against the comedian for denying their allegations, rather than for the assault since the statute of limitations has been reached in most of the incidents.

Last year, in September, allegations against Cosby were brought to light again by multiple women following a routine by comedian Hannibal Buress in Philadelphia, where Cosby is an iconic figure.

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