Charli XCX Explores Feminism In Pop With 40-Minute Documentary

Kymmi Cee

 // Nov 25, 2015

Charlie XCX // Atlantic Records

If you're a woman in the industry, you know how hard it can be. While the fierce ones do run the charts, as Charli XCX notes in her 40-minute BBC documentary, "The F Word," it's still a boys club underneath it all.

"Young women are being blasted with what feminism is," she begins. "Because of Beyoncé standing in front of a massive screen that says feminism on it and that's great."

In an effort to show what it's like being a woman in the music industry, Charli keeps a few questions at the forefront of her doc while speaking to Marina and the Diamons, Ryn Weaver and Jack Antonoff among others.

Is the male-dominated music industry really changing? Why are our bodies under more scrutiny than ever before? What's it like being a woman in this industry?

Watch the full documentary below as it follows Charli across an entire summer of touring.

Charli XCX The F Word and Me BBC Documentary 2015
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