Donald Trump Rings Drake's Hotline But There's No Bling

Revolt Staff

 // Nov 8, 2015

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Donald Trump is an overrated businessman, who whose bluster and celebrity hid failed biz deals and bankruptcies. He's also an overrated presidential candidate, as polls suggest his early surge would flame out, which we're starting to see. Turns out, he's also an overrated Saturday Night Live host.

The former Apprentice star—he was fired, in an ironic twist—parodied himself (up to a point), played up his largesse and flailed at opportunities to be funny.

The most-talked about sketch was his feature in the Drake "Hotline Bling" parody, where Trump's Tax man moves (there was also a dad, a football fan and some other surprise characters) dinged Drizzy for his two-step. The sketch starred Jay Pharoah, SNL alum Martin Short, series Trump impersonator Taran Killam and more.

Have a look below.

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