Jay Z and Timbaland Testify, Perform at "Big Pimpin" Trial

Molly Lynch

 // Oct 16, 2015

Jayohh // REVOLT

It seems like Jay Z and Timbaland's trial over the use of an allegedly unlicensed sample in their 1999 hit "Big Pimpin" has been going on forever.

The production took another step forward on Wednesday when, according to Billboard, the high-profile pair were on hand in L.A. to testify.

JAY-Z - Big Pimpin' ft. UGK

"He tells me his beats are better than my raps," Jay said, to laughter. "I tell him my raps are better than his beats, and I keep winning," he finished.

The highlight of the court date, however, was Timbaland's testimony. In an effort to prove to the jury the relative unimportance of the sample in question to the success of the song, Timbo's lawyers set him up with a keyboard to compose a beat while on the stand.

In an extra bit of comedy, the keyboard his laywers presented him with malfunctioned, forcing Timbaland to beat box for the astounded jury.

The trial will continue for the forseeable future, so keep tuned to REVOLT for updates.

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