Lady Gaga Stuns, Shuns, And Slices Through "American Horror Story: Hotel" Check In


 // Oct 8, 2015

Gregg DeGuire // Getty Images

Boobs, butts and blood reigned supreme last night with Lady Gaga's debut on FX's hit show American Horror Story: Hotel.

The mega-watt pop star channeled her inner Mother Monster tackling the lead role of vicious albeit fashionable vampire seductress, Elizabeth The Countess, a seemingly perfect extension to her repertoire of eccentric music video personas and pop culture antics. “Magic Mike” star, Matt Bomer plays Gaga's partner in blood-soaked crime with the maniacal duo's first scene together involving a sexually fluid foursome with another couple they pick up at the Hollywood Forever cemetery in Los Angeles whom they later kill before bathing in their blood.

While fans of the AHS franchise have become familiar with director Ryan Murphy's creepy, and often times grotesque, content of seasons past, the current Gaga-led season five may leave viewers with paranoia and a slew of nightmares next time they check into a hotel. Explicit scenes include a heroine junkie getting raped by a demonic latex-clad heathen wearing a sharp metal strap-on dildo, child zombies feasting on a female visitor in the bathroom and a blonde half-naked Swedish model getting her throat slit by Gaga after trying to escape.

Gaga's regal catwalk strut and fashion stole the spotlight as well sporting a white flowing pantsuit and turban, sharpened index finger blade and eerie disposition. In other words, what Empire's "Cookie" is to Taraji P. Henson, this role is to the outlandish pop diva.

American Horror Story: Hotel airs Wednesdays at 10pm on FX.

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