Spike Lee To Be Honored At Oscars With Lifetime Achievement Award


 // Aug 15, 2015

Daniel Boczarski // Getty Images

Spike Lee may not have been granted an Oscar for "Do The Right Thing" or "4 Little Girls" (his only two nominations) but the Brooklyn filmmaker is finally in line for his golden trophy, which will be presented to him on November 14.

On Tuesday (August 25), Lee was voted in for a Governors’ Award by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. It’s a big deal—there’s a maximum of six slots available per year and Lee is one of only three recipients for 2015 along with Debbie Reynolds and Gena Rowlands.

The Governors’ Award is particularly special because since its inception in 2009, the honor is well-respected by those within the film industry. Lee has been grinding for more than 30 years, working independently as well as with major studios in Hollywood—the Academy may not have a specific award for that, but we can’t think of a better choice for the trophy.

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