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Contributions by Morgan McDanielReview: "Yes Lawd!" by NxWorriesAnderson .Paak's vocals coupled with Knxwledge's imaginative rhythms serve as an impassioned dose of impulsive reality from a beautifully eccentric, artistic...Morgan McDanielA Tribe Called Quest's final act is bittersweet The conclusion to one of the most influential musical groups of our lifetimes is upon us.Morgan McDanielDrake should have been better than thisDrake's halfhearted bars attacking Kid Cudi's mental health are reckless, and highlight yet another problem in an industry predicated upon faux machismo and...Morgan McDanielTDE's Lance Skiiiwalker can do without your labelsHis debut "Introverted Intuition" is an interesting but unfocused project, complete with tapas-sized tracks that are enjoyable, awkward, and explorative.Morgan McDanielTop Dawg Entertainment is building a hip-hop dynastyTDE embraces the mantra "If one wins, we all win," cultivating a family-like atmosphere that could make them dominant for years to come.Morgan McDanielThe renaissance of black television is upon us"Insecure," "Atlanta," and more are just the latest residents to crash the old-fashioned, white neighborhood that is the television industry.Morgan McDanielKid Cudi has nothing to be ashamed ofPersonally, I'm happy an artist I admire, and whose music provided comfort during my darkest time, is committed to this journey called life just a little longer.Morgan McDanielHip-hop is trying to save usThere's something different about this modern redux of feel-good, conscious rap.Morgan McDaniel