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Contributions by Kathy IandoliI Guess… | Kanye West has returned to ruin twitterThis time, his tweets were all about Drake.Kathy IandoliI Guess… | GRAMMY noms, Spotify streams and our masochismThe nominees span across artists, songs, and albums of all genres — some feel like they have been in our lives since 2012.Kathy IandoliI Guess… | Do we really need 'Watch The Throne 2'?'Watch The Throne 2' sounds like the puppy a couple on the verge of a breakup adopts to keep the relationship going.Kathy IandoliI Guess... | The resilience of Rita OraHas it been decided by some invisible cognoscenti that she's not allowed to flourish in America? Whatever the case, I salute her for continuing to push forward...Kathy IandoliI Guess… | Gobble gobble, the world's gone to shit2018 has been one of those weird years -- some points were extremely high, others extremely low.Kathy IandoliI Guess… | When beef turns worldwide, dumb shit happensDrake and Pusha T have had this lopsided beef for years now. It's like Genius meets MediaTakeOut.Kathy IandoliI Guess... | Ariana Grande did what Taylor Swift couldn'tNo shade. While Taylor's breakup anthems are filled with an "I'll show you!" final decree, Ari found peace in her chaos.Kathy IandoliI Guess… | 6ix9ine and the Halloween hypocritesYour opinion of Teka$hi can't suddenly vanish because you need something fun to wear. But, sure, I hope you win your little costume contest.Kathy IandoliI Guess… | Can We Finally Let Kim Kardashian Live?Imagine being married to Kanye West at this very moment.Kathy IandoliI Guess… | Blurring the lines between rap beefs and rap battlesRap beefs and rap battles are not the same.Kathy IandoliI Guess… | Are younger rappers the weaker species?We can learn a lot when various generations of rap fans are asked to label their faves based upon strength. In a recent meme, it was through dogs—but it could...Kathy IandoliI Guess… | On Lauryn Hill critics and Kanye West sympathizersKanye's outbursts don't somehow forgive Lauryn's negligence of her disappointed fans, but it does shed a light on the selective understanding as it pertains to...Kathy Iandoli