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Flow 187 is a rapper and music producer born in Queens, NY Later Moving to Miami, Atlanta, & Los Angeles. Flow 187 is a unique artist with skills to engineer music, music production, and videography. Flow 187 has worked with many names like HoodRich Entertainment, French Montana, Shawty Lo, Migos, Lil Johns Trillville just to name a few... Flow 187 has over 125K plays online across all streaming platforms. Flow 187 has been shouted out by Hood Rich Dj Scream, Prez Hilton, Disney Kyle Massey, HoodRich Swamp Izzo & more...
Flow 187 Revolt TV Q&A Interview:

Revolt TV : Whats your artist name & how did you get it?

Flow 187: My name is Flow 187, I got my name of my ability to be able to 'Flow' to any beat I was on and murder any instrumental. People you to always say "yo rob flow or "you be flowing" so the name Flow felt natural.

Revolt TV : What makes you different then other artists in the music industry?

Flow187: What makes my music different is that I don't stick to one type of rap flow. I'm able to Flow to any beat and really make a song that sounds different. Alot of artists in the industry are great artists but I noticed alot of music and rap styles are very similar. Listening to Flow 187's music is different its Flow 187! Not Migos, Drake, Lil Pump or Soulja Boy its Flow 187 is totally different sound and feel!

Revolt TV : Who are your Top 5 Favorite Artists:

Flow 187: My Top 5 Favorite artists are 50 cent, Snoop Dogg, Dr.Dre, Dj Quik & Wiz Khalifa. I really dont have a favorite as far as today's rappers I really listen to the people I considder the pioneers of Hip Hop!

Revolt TV : How did you get your music to start trending ?

Flow 187: My music started trending originally on Youtube. I was dropping lots of instrumentals on line that were gaining over 100K views and I was gaining tons of inquiries on my beats! Later I started uploading music on soundcloud and thats when I really started to notice my brand growing ! My first couple songs grew really fast to where now on sounclound the Flow 187 page has over 1Million streams andd growing!

Revolt TV : What advice do you have for upcoming artist looking to build their brand?

Flow 187: I recommend all Artists that are looking to get into the music industry to focus on building their online presence the bigger you are as a brand the more opportunities you will you have to grow . Impact drives income focus on building your social media platforms ! Make good products you don't have to have the TOP designer or videographer or engineer but make sure you are making the best work of your ability at all times never settle for passable.

Revolt TV : What upcoming projects and music do you have coming soon?

Flow 187: I have alot of new music on the way. I'm working with alot of new producer on my upcoming music to give my fans a fresh feel for my music and keep the hits coming to stay tuned.

Revolt TV : You are one of todays generations trendsetters how do you keep making good music and keep up wit the trend!

Flow 187: I don't follow the trends I make good music and make sure I stay authentic to my fans I never wanna be trendy I just have a cool style i guess lol

Revolt TV : Where can Our REVOLT TV fans find your music and music videos ?

Flow 187 : You can find my music social media profiles below www.Flow187official.com
Sound Cloud: https://soundcloud.com/rob-flow-roots

or you can google Flow 187 and find me there as well!