Find them onTrey AlstonEdit ProfileFind them onTrey Alston is a freelance journalist, primarily attuned towards covering hip-hop music. He loves the constantly evolving culture and the sacharrine sounds of cloud rap.
Contributions by Trey AlstonRanking this year's 4 major dissesThe beefs between Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly, Drake and Pusha T have given us a lot to sift through.Trey Alston'East Atlanta Love Letter' explores 6lack's dark, deep meaning of loveThe album's focus on intimacy, fear, and anxiety can feel more claustrophobic than your standard 2018 R&B album, but it grounds the atmospheric into the...Trey AlstonWhy Kanye West's legacy is on the brink of decayWhen people think of Kanye this year, they think of everything wrong he's done instead of every important thing the complex, misunderstood genius has...Trey AlstonThe unfair, unfinished narrative of Mac Miller and his redemptionHe brought us with him through his depression and honest introspection, and deserved a storybook resolution to accompany this dark path.Trey AlstonRuss is exposing hip-hop's white double standard, one moment at a timeWhen they're cooperative, hip-hop applauds them. But when they speak out about their beliefs about the state of the culture, they become enemies.Trey AlstonNicki Minaj could smartly be studying Joe Budden's blueprintThey're both rap paragons equally adept in cultural commentary as they are in their skills on the mic, and they're boldness reaps more benefits than they could...Trey AlstonThe exhausting summer for rap's elite is finally overAmidst the tidal wave of criticisms washing to shore, this summer proved that successfully aging in the world of hip-hop is extremely hard to do.Trey AlstonEminem's 'Kamikaze' is technically sound, but its anger is exhaustingEm's perfectly capable when creating in avenues that he understands; he's not quite as successful when trying to blend in with the younger crowd that he...Trey AlstonThe 2018 Songs of the SummerAt the top of the sunny season, we launched a search, and now that summer's officially on its last leg, it's time to rethink our choices and dissect the wealth...Trey AlstonYBN Nahmir, Cordae, and Almighty Jay have become rap's most authentic collectiveHaving their own styles and sticking to them showcases the trio's ability to understand their roles in both the collective and the rap game, and they can play...Trey AlstonOn 'Milky Way,' Bas masters the art of versatility while remaining true to his laneHis message isn't to pound life lessons over the head, a la mentor J. Cole. Instead, he's rapping about what's genuine to him.Trey AlstonSeeing through Birdman's sham apology to Lil' WayneWeezy needs to see this olive branch for what it is: an attempt by Birdman to hop back into the mix after having trouble replicating Wayne's impact with this...Trey Alston