Find them onTrey AlstonEdit ProfileFind them onTrey Alston is a freelance journalist, primarily attuned towards covering hip-hop music. He loves the constantly evolving culture and the sacharrine sounds of cloud rap.
Contributions by Trey AlstonStan Lee brought Marvel to hip hopStan Lee lived 95 long years and his creations as the spearhead of Marvel Comics will last hundreds more.Trey Alston5 takeaways from Smino's wondrous new album 'NØIR'There's a polish to 'NØIR' that doesn't come from spending a month in Wyoming. Combined with its powerful, cohesive sound, every part of the LP feels...Trey AlstonThis is Offset's dilemmaOffset's solo album will truly need to hit differently to prevent listeners from collectively concluding that Migos have been repackaging the same sandwich over...Trey AlstonVince Staples' 'FM!' is rap’s "Red Dead Redemption 2" and more takeaways from the album'FM!' is a brilliant album, damn near perfect. Staples has gone commercial.Trey AlstonXXXTentacion is not, and will never be, TupacSuperficial similarities tie together two artists with violent pasts that were absorbed into new narratives after their deaths, but these attempts to force-fit...Trey AlstonNo one used Halloween like Fredo Santana didAppearing unhinged and ready for a scuffle, Fredo will always remain the slasher that changed how we think of fear in hip hop.Trey AlstonHow Takeoff's 'The Last Rocket' can stabilize Migos' shaky foundationThe burden falls on him to undo the damage caused by 'Quavo Huncho's' lack of creativity, and since Takeoff can do no wrong in the public's eye, it's imperative...Trey Alston'Wrld on Drugs' is trusting of its stars' powers, and of their mutual love for vices and crooningFuture and Juice WRLD's chemistry works so well on their joint album that ordinarily weak songs are bolstered by good creative decisions.Trey AlstonPusha T's evolving villainy is impressiveIs Pusha T planning the destruction of Drake?Trey Alston'Quavo Huncho' has the right ideas, but the execution isn't it, chiefCan Quavo exist outside of the Migos vacuum? We explore.Trey AlstonWhat 'Quavo Huncho' means for Migos' next eraQuavo's story begins anew and it'll be extremely interesting to see how his path differs from both Offset and Takeoff.Trey AlstonThe truth about emo rap and opioidsRapping about drugs as a means to cope with mental health issues can be damaging for fans who don't have good judgment—but so can posting liquor, sex, or...Trey Alston