New Music: "Our Streets" by DJ Premier feat. A$AP Ferg DJ PremierKC Orcutt

To celebrate the relaunch of Payday Records, the reputed ‘90s imprint known for being the first to sign JAY-Z and help foster the careers of Jeru the Damaja, Mos Def (via signing his first group U.T.D.), Guru and more, the label’s original founder and former Gang Starr manager, Patrick Moxley, has reunited with DJ Premier, releasing a new single “Our Streets.”

The track features A$AP Ferg, marking the first time the two New York natives have worked together, with Ferg referring to the opportunity as a dream come true.

“It's a dream to be able to work with the legendary DJ Premier on this record,” Ferg said, speaking of the track. “Preemo has worked with all the NYC hip-hop icons and greats - Nas, Biggie, Guru, Hov, KRS-one, and The Lox. Just knowing I was working with him pushed me as an MC.”

Preemie returned the sentiment, explaining how Ferg let him take the wheel creatively.

"With Ferg, or anybody I work with, they already know my history so they know that I come from the 90s era” DJ Premier added. “Ferg just automatically said 'Don't do what I've been doing on my albums - I want you to do a Preemo style and let me show I can rap to that,' so I was like 'let's do it.' Everybody was happy off jump - no suggestions, no 'I think we should go this direction' - it was an automatic in, out, done, in one day."

Back in the '90s, DJ Premier played an integral role with Payday Records, making this new collaborative release a much appreciated full-circle moment for hip-hop enthusiasts across the board. Check it out above.