New Music: "Squeeze" by Aminé Aminé

Like a boss, Aminé has dropped a new single while in the midst of his headlining tour, Tour For You. The single, “Squeeze,” highlights the 2017 XXL Freshman’s now trademark feel-good, quirky energy, but this time, takes on a bit of a braggadocios tone and direction. Over production executed by Madison LST, BeforeIzaiah and Pasquè, the Portland rapper runs through his definition of--and his addiction to--success.

“All them nights I stayed up, I get paid up like a lay-up now,” he spits. “Worldwide tour, so them girls wide open / Shows packed out, so the bus pack oceans / Unapologetic (b—h), success is my fetish / Young, Black and handsome, that be my aesthetic, yeah.”