New Music: "Rap Rushmore" by Mase ft. Puff Daddy & DJ Khaled MaseRalph Bristout

Welcome back.

If the "Oracle" was any indication, Mase is back - and his new cut "Rap Rushmore" is further proof that he's ready to stake his claim. Over a sample of ESG's "UFO", Bad Boy's goodfella fly guy empties a full clip of bars galore, with Puff Daddy and DJ Khaled in tow. "I'm rap Rushmore, feel like I should bust more," he snaps over the vintage instrumental, before adding, "I leave the beat in forensics." Like "Oracle," the new fiery cut is Murda Mase at his finest. His fellow Bad Boy pal starts off the track with his signature ad-libs ("Yeah they thought the party was over"), while Khaled does the same midway through the track ("Some people are legendary, some people are iconic").