New Music: "Powin Up (The Spirit of Peer Pressure)" ft. Shiwan by Jered SandersSabina Palmieri

Virginia’s Jered Sanders confronts peer pressure and 'societal conflicts' in the spiritual-driven track “Powin Up.” The artist further describes the song as "an attempt to confront the times by engaging culture and speaking on societal conflicts as they relate to youth and Christianity. While everybody's vibing to the music and indulging in unhealthy practices, the message is clear: I love you, God loves you, and He's STILL here and able to help. Meet them where THEY are to bring them where YOU are, folks.” If you’re feeling this track, check out Sander’s recently released EP ‘Black Friday.'

New Music: "Fuego" by Manu Crooks feat. Anfa Rose Manu CrooksSabina Palmieri

Manu Crooks shares a latin-tinged track featuring fellow Sydney-based recording artist. On "Fuego," Manu reaffirms his commitment to his lady who has been down for him since day one: "I know what I did eventually drove you crazy/ No lie, you are number one my lady/ You was way back before the navy Mercedes."