New Music: "The Truth" by JSWISS JSWISS

Emerging artist JSWISS just released his latest offering, “The Truth,” which doubles a great introduction for fans interested in unfiltered hip-hop that draws from multiple influences and features bona fide lyricism.

“Optiks' production ‘The Truth’ provides the right vibe for me to talk that talk as an MC about myself and my work ethic, as well as drop some gems like ‘a rope can't hold a spirit, they tried it that was feeble/ a rope could hold a person, can't hold down a people,’” JSWISS said, of the song and how it came together. “Overall ‘The Truth’ refers to me as the ‘real deal’ as far as skills and the truth that I give you in every song, even when it's just lyrical exercise. It also connects to the theme ‘Awthentic’ that I use to describe both my music and fan base, which both proudly embody the idea of being uncompromisingly yourself.”

Take a listen to “The Truth,” which also features live bass from Lez Lemon and Matt Giella on trumpet, above.